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Power Washing
Graffiti Removal

Professional Graffiti Removal Services Beautify Your Palm Springs Area Residence

If the exterior of your home is unsightly, it is impossible for you and your family to enjoy your property to the utmost. Nothing makes a home look worse and feel less secure than an act of vandalism. At A1 Steamer our graffiti removal experts are here to help you in any way that we can. Through our power washing and property cleaning services, we seek to make your home as beautiful as possible.

Graffiti Removal Services Enhance Your Palm Springs Area Business

If there is graffiti on your commercial property, your business as a whole will suffer. Potential customers and clients may form a bad first impression about your business or avoid your commercial property. For this reason, you should call A1 Steamer today. Our graffiti removal contractors can revitalize the look of your commercial property.

Our Commercial and Residential Power Washing Services

With both hot and cold water options available, our team is ready to get even the toughest jobs done. At  A1 Steamer, we use the best, top of the line, truck mounted equipment to ensure the job is done right. Contact us to learn more about the different commercial and residential power washing services that we offer!

  • Pressure cleaning of commercial buildings and roofs; tile, shingle, or metal
  • Hotels; power washing for concrete, keystone, marble, and paver surfaces
  • Restaurant hot water pressure cleaning for service areas, entrances, front facades, kitchens, dumpster areas as well as jetting for drains
  • Parking garages and stairwells
  • Industrial pressure washing of warehouses; floors, walls, loading docks and garage doors
  • Gas stations and motor pools
  • Restaurant maintenance service; weekly, bi-monthly and monthly
  • Strip malls and shopping centers
  • Graffiti removal on walls and other surfaces
  • Paint preparation
  • Mold and mildew removal, algae, and tree sap stain removal
  • Removal and chemical treatment for hard water and rust staining
  • Awnings, canopies and umbrellas
  • Public seating and furniture
  • Heavy equipment, trailers, buses and vehicles
  • Hazmat cleanup and sanitizing
  • Oil stain lightening and removal for pavers and driveways
  • Gutter cleaning, interior and out, down spout flushing
  • Asphalt parking lot prep for re-blacktopping
  • Pressure washing of windows, screens and doors